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Bluesfest Profile: Beth Hart

October 2, 2014 by Patrick Muller in

  Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Beth Hart returns to Australia next year for Bluesfest. We catch up with Hart on her memories of this year’s Bluesfest and what her new album will entail. By Patrick Muller.   You’ve played Bluesfest earlier this year. What do you like about it? We had such a good time there. […]

Bittersweet reunion: Veruca Salt

September 26, 2014 by Angela Allan in

Currently touring Australia, Veruca Salt are the epitome of ’90s cool. We catch up with the alt-rock band’s founder and guitarist/vocalist Nina Gordon who gives us the lowdown on break ups and make ups.   Why did you decide to reform in 2013? What prompted it? I heard that Mazzy Star were playing at the […]

Press Play: Manchester Orchestra

September 11, 2014 by Patrick Muller in

Georgia-based indie rockers Manchester Orchestra are touring this November. We catch up with guitarist and vocalist Robert McDowell.   Do you enjoy playing shows in Australia? Yeah, I’d say collectively as a band it’s one of our, or our favourite place to go to. It’s just a bummer the flight’s so long or else we’d […]

5 things we learned from Bubbeleh’s album

September 1, 2014 by Angela Allan in

Los Angeles-based seven-piece band Bubbeleh taught us what we need to know about klezmer and four more things we uncovered from listening to their self-titled debut record. By Angela Allan.   1. Klezmer. Full stop. I had no idea what klezmer was. I still don’t know what it is, other than it’s Balkan/Eastern European music. […]

Life in Second Life

August 24, 2014 by Patrick Muller in

Pat Muller reinvents himself in the virtual world of Second Life. And proves it’s not so 2003 even in this new online landscape of Facebook, Twitter and selfies.   My first experience of Second Life wasn’t as inclusive or community based as you might anticipate. As I suspected, my internet connection wasn’t strong enough, leaving […]

Press Play: Wolf Alice

by Angela Allan in

Ellie Roswell of London-based alt-rockers Wolf Alice take our Press Play challenge.   What’s the most embarrassing record or fashion item in your wardrobe? If I was embarrassed by them I wouldn’t have them!   What’s the most embarrassing fashion trend trend you embraced? I’m really embarrassed about my emo fringe that went from one […]

Second Time Around: Steven Chera

August 17, 2014 by Soot Admin in

Singer and song stylist Steven Chera shares his uplifting tale on the upside of love. About six years ago, my wife, Susan, decided that she wanted out of our marriage. She couldn’t give me a good reason, so of course, I worked hard over a period of time to try to change her mind to […]

Boy & Bear: This decade’s answer to Spinal Tap

August 10, 2014 by Monica Sottile in

Boy & Bear guitarist Killian Gavin talks about the Sydney band’s year-long tour on the back of their latest record Harlequin Dream and why their on-tour life is like a movie. By Monica Sottile.   “Have you ever seen the movie Spinal Tap?’ Killian Gavin asks.  “We were in England and we had to walk through […]

Second time around: Space Elevator

July 27, 2014 by Soot Admin in

Space Elevator’s The Duchess on how she learnt to be who she is meant to be. I have been in various rock bands and a couple of years ago I wrote my own album of self-penned songs and did a few gigs with it. I was being encouraged by my management at the time to […]

Second time around: Ten Ton Man

by Soot Admin in

Ten Ton Man encourages taking as many second chances as necessary. I’ve had many second chances, hell, even third and fourth chances. And what matters more than failing is what I learned along the way. Disappointment and failure can sometimes make you more motivated and fuel your persistence to succeed in life, music, whatever. I […]

Second time around: Wonder Villains

by Soot Admin in

Wonder Villains almost gave up on a song but their philosophy saw it through. We gave a second chance to a song we wrote a while ago called Blonde. The song was quite a different sound for us and we were really excited about it. The day it was written we were dancing around the […]

Second time around: Sun Culture

by Soot Admin in

Sun Culture relishes starting fresh without staring from scratch. When I parted ways with my label after my first major release, I was discouraged. I had given it everything I had, and I felt like I had come up short. I was happy to take a role behind the scenes and began working on other […]