My First Time: Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy pic 2012

Growing up in Queens, New York, adult film actor Ron Jeremy’s first time with a girl was a little less erotic than expected.

My first time was ridiculous. It was near a rock, which was across the street from this elementary school that I went to. It was with a girl named Marge. My parents were always home and her parents were always home, so there wasn’t a place where we could sneak around and do it. I was, I think, 16 or 17. She was 15 or 16, and there was no place we could do it, as our parents were always home and I didn’t have a car yet.

So I found this place in the forest – it was this great, big rock and it shielded you from view of the street; it was like a wall. It was perfect to have sex there. I’d never seen anybody there and the funny thing is, I read later on the internet 40 years later – by this time, the rock was long gone and the forest was long gone, they built an apartment complex over it – but when I had read how many guys and girls had been at that rock, I thought, why didn’t I run into anybody? I had no idea it was Grand Central Station, holy moley! I never saw any used rubbers, any wrappers, nothing. I was amazed to think everyone had had sex there and here I thought I was being so creative, like, “Ooh look what I thought of!” and turns out, half the world knew about that rock! When you’re 16, you think you’re inventing this stuff.

The act itself was also pretty much ridiculous. It was my very, very, very first time having sex. I had a rubber, because back in those days you were trying to protect yourself from gonorrhea. HIV and herpes didn’t even exist back then, nor did hepatitis C.  So I unravelled the whole rubber first – not knowing you should unravel it onto the penis – so I’ve unravelled it and I can’t get it on. The part that went on smooth was the lubricated side, so I put the lubricated side on against me, not her, which is totally wrong – you’re meant to have the lubricated side against her, you know. I had on inside out, basically. This is a true story. So then I started to have sex with her, and I didn’t really have sex with her, I had sex with a rubber as it stuck right at the edge of her. And I’m rubbing back and forth holding it in place, so without knowing it, I really had sex with the rubber not her. I learnt weeks and weeks later how to do it right when I asked my dad and some other guys. It was funny. So my first time having sex with a girl, I had sex with a rubber, not the girl.

As told to Angela Allan.

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