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Flying Colors takes a flying chance

29th Oct 2014

Flying Colors’ self-titled debut album was universally praised by the progressive rock community in 2012, with its confident genre-shifting and densely-layered songwriting. New album Second Nature picks up where the debut left off, giving you more of everything: more melody, more instrumental virtuosity, more depth. The band consists of guitar legend Steve Morse (Deep Purple/Dixie […]

By Peter Hodgson

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Rock Tease has merch down to a tee

13th Oct 2012

Shirts are the music fan’s equivalent of cultural dress. If you spot someone across a crowded room who is wearing the same Megadeth shirt as you, there’s an instant connection. It goes far beyond simply buying a shirt with band logos on them. It’s a statement of identity, of affiliation and of participation. Rohan Ocean […]

By Peter Hodgson

Pop Culture

Who you gonna call? The other Ghostbusters

16th Aug 2012

Peter Hodgson asks, if there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Filmation’s Ghostbusters! Ray Parker Junior’s song wouldn’t quite have had the same ring if he’d written it about this now-almost-forgotten series. Everybody fondly remembers the original Ghostbusters movie. Some of us even fondly remember its sequel, and the spinoff cartoon series […]

By Peter Hodgson


The other side of the Rainbow

13th Jul 2012

Between the Rainbow and the rock places on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Peter Hodgson discovers there is more than meets the eye. LA’s Sunset Strip is teeming with music history. Throw a drumstick or guitar pick in any direction and you’re likely to hit something that played a role in the story of […]

By Peter Hodgson