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Food fads we hope to forget in 2014

10th Dec 2013

Veronica Fil takes a look at some foodie fads she hopes to see fizzle out in the new year. The line between food and fashion has blurred. Forget Burberry’s summer collection; these days, it’s dressed-up dinner rolls, bespoke baguettes and handcrafted, heirloom radishes being photographed by the food-blogging paparazzi and dominating social media. Cupcakes The […]

By Veronica Fil

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The Before 30 bucket list

9th Dec 2013

You won’t be young forever. Veronica Fil advises on the cultural imperatives everyone should tick off their bucket list — before turning 30. Consider your teenage years and 20s a brief window of time during which you’ll be forgiven for making questionable life choices. Make the most of it — this amnesty won’t roll around […]

By Veronica Fil


The perverse pleasures of horror, snuff and gore

14th Oct 2013

Veronica Fil explores our psychological and cultural attraction to horror films. For weeks after I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I found myself in the early stages of panic attack every time a neighbour revved his lawnmower.  After The Blair Witch Project, I couldn’t go camping, and I’ve got no chance of ever enjoying a weekend […]

By Veronica Fil

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Winging it with the pick-up artists

30th Sep 2013

Veronica Fil penetrates the seduction community, gets hired as a wingwoman, and attempts to beat the boys at their own game. It was a Saturday night that found me poised at the bar, drink in hand, prepared to slap the next lousy drunk that approached me. I’d just dismissed the last one; a sweaty bloke […]

By Veronica Fil

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Play nice and share: An introduction to polyamory

2nd Sep 2013

Veronica Fil explores the ins and outs of keeping multiple lovers and tracking one couple’s journey as they experiment with poly life. It was our second date, and as Tom knelt in close and told me he had something important to say, I thought we were about to kiss. Instead, he whispered, “Please don’t be […]

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Touring: Manic Street Preachers

1st Jul 2013

Manic Street Preachers’ music has been described as aggressive, alienating, melancholic and uplifting — and over the past two decades, it’s earned the band cult status. Currently in Australia for their sporting-themed Lions Tour, bassist Nicky Wire speaks to Veronica Fil about obsessive fans, the band’s upcoming albums, and his best Melbourne shopping tips. So […]

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